کرونا کے نام کیانی کا کالم

ابے او بے شرم ! تجھے نام رکھنے کے لیے حروف تہجی میں سے کوئی اور حرف نہیں ملا جو “ک” منتخب کر لیا ، یہ بھی نہ سوچا کہ اس حرف کے نام کا کیانی بھی ہوسکتا ہے اور اگر وہ کالم نگار بھی ہوا تو” تیرا کیا بنے گا کالیا ؟” اور تجھے […]


A brave new world

–By Khalid Hussain* The special court’s 2-1 split judgement handing death sentence to former President General (R) Pervez Musharraf under Article 6 of the Constitution has ushered the country into unchartered terroritory. However, it is well within the confines already defined by the Constitution of Pakistan though it is the very first time in Pakistan’s […]


Enough is Enough

Khudayar Mohla – Adherence to domestic law demands more in the age of globalization where State is a subject to international law so every subject of a State is supposed to obey global law. May it be a reason that Prime Minister Imran Khan while reacting to recent verdict of the world court over Indian […]


The Queen Trumps the World-IV

Khalid Hussain- Wars are immoral because survival is at stake. Even when the stakes are not that drastic, victory get away with their own moral superiority. The ongoing war of survival between the European Union and the United States of America, therefore, is no exception. It might be news for the naive among us but […]


The Queen Trumps the World-III

Khalid Hussain – We are going through a critical juncture in history. The United States of America is out of control. Being the supreme hegemon in our world today, it has no equal in military terms. As a matter of fact, it is so powerful that it has adversarial engagements going on with Russia, China, […]


The Queen Trumps the World-II

Khalid Hussain – The Iconic John Clarke and Bryan Dawe duo did a very funny mock interview shortly before Clarke died in 2017. Dawe questions Clarke on the European Union debt crisis for their regular hit television segment on ABC TV. “How much debt does Greece have? Greece owes 367 billion dollars. To whom does […]


The Queen Trumps the World

Khalid Hussain BBC headlined the conclusion of American President’s state visit: “Donald Trump UK visit: All you need to know”. This makes one wonder how low can the media go. Need to know is the basis of operations for clandestine agencies. Journalism works with the premise that everyone must be able to know everything. Hence […]


Looking for the Establishment

Khalid Hussain – In the war of networks, the lowest denominator sets limits to performance for the whole network. And here Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team –the President is a member—are moving in a way that brings pillars of the state in conflict. And judges are writing to the President asking for explanations. […]


Brexit No More?

Khalid Hussain – Looks like it is obvious to all but the EU that Britain will not stay in the European Union. Why else would they be seen so desperately trying to keep the British from leaving the EU even after three successive parliamentary humiliations the UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been enjoying as […]


Time to resolve Kashmir

Khalid Hussain – So who won the war? Which one? This present one that everyone feared might go nuclear between India and Pakistan? Or the one they have always fought over Kashmir? Well done Prime Minister Imran Khan. Especially for making it clear no one has won any war. And one must commend what is […]