Lord Ahmed urges Pakistan to return last 10-year remittances


Aamir Kayani
London Correspondent

London: Raising eyebrows over recent verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan which will have repercussion on 1,116 officials of federal and provincial governments and 1,249 spouses dual nationals, independent House of Lords member Lord Nazir Ahmed urged Pakistan to return all remittance of last ten years amid donations that Supreme Court has received from dual nationals for construction of dams in the country.
While announcing a reserved judgment in dual nationality of Honourable judges and officials of courts and government officials on December 15, the author Judge of the top court Chief Justice Mian Saqib made three categories of officials. These include dual nationals; those who are not Pakistani citizens but may be of Pakistani origin only and those whose spouses are either dual nationals or foreigners.
London Correspondent of the TLTP has copy of the letter, according to which Ahmed expressed Pakistani media has reported ruling of the top court that dual nationals have been declared a security risk.
“Mr. President, I am sure you are aware that dual national are those who have nationalities of Pakistan and one of the 12 other countries with whom government of Pakistan has signed Agreements to allow Dual Nationalities including the United Kingdom”, Ahmed said in letter.
Nazir expressed that Pakistani nationals from these countries have attained their dual nationalities as per Pakistani law to keep their ancestral property and close ties with Pakistan, adding the government of Pakistan should return all the remittance of last ten years and Supreme Court should return all the donations received from them for the Dam Fund as they are a security risk to Pakistan.
“I am sure that you will be aware of the 39, 000 pending court cases in Supreme Court of Pakistan and total 350,000 cases in Pakistani courts as attached in the published chart. We expect the Supreme Court and Chief Justice to focus on the disposal of thousands of pending cases and to establish a mechanism for efficient and transparent justice, regulating lawyers and cleaning up the judiciary is a matter for the Chief Justice which sadly he has not touched”, Nazir claimed in his letter to President of Pakistan.

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