ICCI calls for conducive labour policies to boost economy


President ICCI Muhammad Ahmed Waheed seeks government conducive policies for wellbeing and welfare of labour force

Khudayar Mohla –

ISLAMABAD, (TLTP): Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) has urged the government to make conducive labour policies in order to improve the living standards of labour class as better working conditions for labour would accelerate the pace of economic activities and boost the growth of economy of the country.

President ICCI Muhammad Ahmed Waheed said that the economic progress and development achieved by Pakistan so far is due to the relentless efforts of our labour class, which is essential constituent of economy. He stressed that the government should make more conducive policies for their wellbeing and welfare of labour force.

He said the Labour Day reminds the government that it should take better care of labour class and take strong measures to improve their living standards. He said that private sector is playing its positive role for improving the conditions of labour as many industries in Islamabad have constructed labour colonies to provide labourers proper housing besides contributing to meet their medical and educational needs.

However, he urged that government should make new policies to provide labour class better housing, medical and education facilities. The ICCI president said that labour class is facing great problems these days in Pakistan due to COVID-19 pandemic as businesses and industrial units were closed and a large number of daily wagers have lost their source of income.

He said that industrialists are providing them food and wages, however, without opening industries, it is difficult to help them on long-term basis.Waheed said that government has taken good decision by opening construction industry in the country; however, construction related industries in Islamabad including steel have not been opened as yet nor SOPs for construction sector have been finalized.

He emphasized that SOPs for construction activities should be finalized as soon as possible and all construction related industries including steel, marble and others should be opened in the federal capital. 

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